Group of WLC students near the Divine Servant Statue in the Quad

Faith, Service, and Christian Leadership

Rooted in Jesus' Truth

One constant amidst the unknown is Jesus. At Wisconsin Lutheran College, you will be grounded in Christ’s truth and encouraged to follow His example as a servant leader.

Your faith experience at Wisconsin Lutheran College will be as transformational as you allow it to be.

“Promoting the spiritual growth of students, faculty, and staff; and preparing students for lives of Christian leadership” is a central tenet of WLC's mission. 

It’s normal for young people — even those with loving, supportive families and friends — to feel alone, or unsure about their path in life. Those feelings have only intensified in recent years as we all grapple with a rapidly changing world and daily uncertainties. One constant amidst the unknown is Jesus.

At Wisconsin Lutheran College, you will be grounded in Christ’s truth and encouraged to follow His example as a servant leader. With His example, the world begins to look different, your path appears clearer, and changing the world for the better feels more possible.

What will your faith experience look like?

Our theological foundation is Lutheran, and our students represent a wide spectrum of faith backgrounds. Our faculty is well versed in tackling real world issues while holding true to scriptural principles. You’ll address the challenge of applying your faith in service to the world around you, and we promise to support you in that journey.


When Jesus washed his disciples' feet he shocked them and demonstrated for us true leadership (John 13:8). He knew his purpose in history (John 13:1). He knew his restorative role that others couldn't yet see, and he knew how his love and sacrifice would reveal it (John 13:3). We believe that understanding and heeding Jesus' example in John 13 is key to being a Christian leader.

In a corner of our Quad, you'll find a bronze statue of "Divine Servant", a sculpture of Jesus washing Peter's feet. This statue is a daily reminder for our campus community that Jesus provided a picture of Christian leadership for us, as well as the power to live it out — through Jesus' sacrifice on the cross and the empty tomb we are motivated and led to live out our lives boldly, to His glory.

Become a Leader Who Stands Out

When we love and lead (through service) the way Jesus did, we too will shock people in good ways. At WLC, we prepare students to lead with the wisdom and radical love of Jesus, the Divine Servant. This kind of leadership is desperately needed in our world today. Jesus embodied true leadership and now empowers us through the Holy Spirit to live it out as well.

Discover Your Purpose and Role in History

Jesus knew he would sacrifice himself to redeem the world. That knowledge and understanding made it possible for him to lead in ways that were powerful and world-changing. Can you envision the critical role you’ll play in history? From your first day at WLC, we’ll prepare you to see it, know it, and step into it without hesitation. We make it a priority to ensure you can understand your relationship with Christ and your context in the world, while discovering God's purpose for you as an individual and as a generation.

See Restorative Potential in Others

Jesus could see the redemptive possibilities all around him, in all kinds of people and situations. WLC provides an academic and faith experience that prepares you to see that same potential in everyday life and work. That "restorative potential" is activated when you love others, applying your skills and abilities for the betterment of your home, church, workplace, and community - and it is realized through the Spirit's work when the gospel is shared.


We were founded by Christian men and women who desired to launch a college characterized by faithfulness to the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions, and we remain rooted in Jesus’ truths, motivated by the gospel, and shaped by the enduring Word of God. We strive to instruct and nurture students in the Christian faith as summarized by the Lutheran Confessions.

Wisconsin Lutheran College is affiliated with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS), and our faculty are members of the WELS. While our theological foundation is Lutheran, our students represent a wide-spectrum of faith backgrounds. You do not need to be a member of a Lutheran church or high school to enroll at WLC. It is our goal as faculty and staff to respect the tensions that come with asking and discovering challenging questions while pursuing Biblical answers.

During your time at WLC, we hope to provide the opportunity for you to flourish in Christian faith and identify and nurture your individual gifts, so that you may perceive your life's work as not merely a career, but as an important part of God's work in the world.